Toft Point State Natural Area

Hiking through Toft Point State Natural Area is like walking backwards through time and experiencing Door County from 100 years ago. In the early 1900s the peninsula bordered by Bailey’s Harbor and Moonlight Bay was occupied by the Toft family. The Toft’s never logged their land, preferring the natural look of the forests, thanks to this we can now experience the awe inspiring giants of an old-growth forest.  The hiking is laid back and leisurely with no elevation changes; the trail starts out in the middle of a massive cedar forests and works its way towards Moonlight Bay. Along the way you’ll pass by some old log cabins that used to belong to the Toft Family as well as the remains of an old kiln. Toft Point is an excellent place for people looking to spot rare plants and birds while hiking Door County.

For more info on Toft Point check out the Wisconsin DNR’s page here.

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