Saving a Northern Water-snake from a Fishhook

While fishing at Kangaroo Lake in Door County, Wisconsin; my brother and I came across a northern water-snake with a bright orange object sticking out of it. After following the snake for a bit we saw that the orange object was a fishing hook embedded deep into the snake’s body. We continued to follow the snake as it swam through the water waiting for it to come near enough to land so we could grab it.
When the snake finally stopped swimming we picked it up and secured both the head and tail. We wanted to make sure we got the hook out as gently as possible and didn’t inflict any further harm to the snake.

The hook came out with little resistance which means we were lucky enough to find the snake before the wound began to heal around the hook.

Moments such as these serve as great reminders that we share the land and water we use with the plants and animals that live there. Leaving fishing lines and hooks behind after your fishing trip can have serious impacts on the ecosystems we love to spend time in. If you see any litter while out fishing or hiking, do your part to keep our trails and rivers beautiful.

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