New Mexico’s Blue Hole, a Desert Oasis

You may have heard of the famous Blue Hole in Belize, but did you know there is also one in New Mexico?  The New Mexico Blue Hole is an awesome swimming hole in an area you would never expect to find one.  The blue hole is surrounded by miles of desert but is full of clear water in an amazing bright blue color.  The cool blue water is an excellent contrast to the beige topography of New Mexico.  It’s located to the east of Santa Rosa, and is also known as the Blue Hole of Santa Rosa.  It’s right off I-40 and about halfway between Albuquerque and Amarillo.  If your next road trip takes you through New Mexico on I-40, make it a point to stop and check this place out.

New Mexico Blue Hole in Santa Rosa

New Mexico Blue Hole

The pool is circular shaped and around 60 feet in diameter at the surface.  The hole is about 130 feet in diameter at the bottom, 81 feet below the surface.  It is created by an artesian well that feeds 3,000 gallons per minute into the hole at a constant temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.  The water is entirely replaced every six minutes by the well.  This leads to an amazing 100 feet of water clarity!

Back in the 1930’s the hole was used a fish hatchery.  Nowadays the Blue Hole is a very popular summer swimming hole and also attracts a lot of scuba divers.  It can be packed with divers here on weekends year-round.  The constant temperature keeps you from needing a thick wet suit in the winter.  The swimming hole is a lot less crowded on weekdays so try to plan for your visit to avoid a weekend.  For more info and a cool diagram of the underwater layout, check out the New Mexico Blue Hole website Here.

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