Laie Point Cliff Jump, a Must See on Oahu’s North Shore

Laie Point Cliff Jump

The Laie Point Cliff Jump is a great place to spend a couple hours and get in some good cliff jumping.  Laie Point is a pretty fun cliff jumping spot near North Shore on Oahu.  If anyone has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this is where they filmed the cliff jumping scene.  Only in real life you can park right at the cliffs and don’t have to hike to get out there.  The parking lot is about 100 feet away from the cliff.  One of the best parts about Laie Point is that it’s usually less crowded than the more famous cliffs on Oahu.

Laie Point Cliff Jumping
First takeoff at the Laie Point Cliff Jump

To get to Laie Point, also known as Laie State Wayside Park, turn onto Anemoku Street from Kamehameha Highway near the Laie Foodland.  Then take a right on Naupaka Street and follow it through the neighborhood to the end of the road.  Park in the spots at the end of the road and then walk out to the point.  There should be a sign for Laie Point Cliff Jump.  This is a popular place for tour groups as well, so it’s better if you come early and beat them here.

Laie Point Cliff Jump, Wayside, Oahu, Hawaii
Way down at the water level at the Laie Point Cliff Jump.

The cliff jump here is about 30 feet above the water.  The water is usually deep enough for jumping, but if you go at low tide make sure you check the depth before you jump.  I’ll usually reach the bottom when I jump here.  Try and follow the path back to get back up after jumping.  The lava rock here is really sharp in some places.  A good place to climb back up is near the crevice you can see on the right side of the pictures.

Laie Point Cliff Jump, height, north shore, oahu
Laie Point Cliff Jump.  Can’t beat a cliff jumping spot with no crowds

Even if cliff jumping is not your thing, Laie Point is a great place to chill and eat a plate lunch.  There are some pretty impressive views of the coastline from out here.  You can also take some pictures of Mokualai, a really cool island with a natural arch in the middle of it.

Mokualai, Wildlife Refuge, Island, Laie Point Cliff Jumping
Mokualai Island, a State Wildlife Refuge. By Nelo Hotsuma, Licensed under Creative Commons.

The Laie Point Cliff Jump is definitely a must-see stop on the drive up to North Shore along Kamehameha Highway.  If you are thinking about jumping, make sure you check the depth first!  It can also get rough here during the winter so don’t do the jump if there are waves rolling in.  Take care when climbing up as the lava rock can be very sharp!

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