Galveston Island Kayak Fishing, a Great Texas Experience!

Galveston Island Kayak Fishing

During our recent trip to Galveston Island, we took a couple Hobie kayaks with us to get in some kayak fishing.  Galveston Island kayak fishing stories are well known throughout the Texas Gulf Coast, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.  We launched out of the state park and fished both the Gulf and the Bay.  We started the day by gearing up the kayaks to take out in the Gulf.  We brought all the necessary fishing and safety equipment and hit the water around 8 AM.  The Gulf that morning had some good sized waves rolling in that made getting out of the breakers exciting.  Two of the three kayaks made it out of the surf without capsizing.  Luckily the one that tipped had everything tied down so nothing was lost.

Galveston Island Kayak Fishing
Prepping the kayaks on the beach before heading into the Gulf.  Galveston Island Kayak Fishing

Using the Hobie Mirage drive, we pedaled the kayaks about half a mile offshore and started fishing.  We tried casting while we drifted and also trolled up and down the beach.  Despite seeing a lot of fish activity and a pod of dolphins, we weren’t able to catch anything.  I think the dolphins might have scared off the fish.  We used crystal minnows, spoons, and jigs without any luck.  We might have been more successful if we had brought out some bait and bottom rigs, so we’ll have to try that next time.

Hobie Mirage Drive Cruising
Cruising through the bay with the mirage drive

After we made it back to the beach (without capsizing!), we loaded up the kayaks and took them over to the launch on the bayside of Galveston Island State Park.  This time we brought along some hooks and squid.  It was late afternoon when we got into the salt marsh and started to see a lot of fish activity.  We caught a couple small redfish on the squid but threw them back due to their small size.  Then we switched over to small jigs and started hauling in the speckled trout that had been causing the surface activity.  We didn’t catch anything crazy big but it’s always fun to catch trout.

Galveston Island State Park Kayak Launch
The kayaks ready to go at the bayside kayak launch inside Galveston Island State Park.
Stand Up Kayak fishing
Going for reds up against the salt marsh along Galveston Island
Galveston Island Kayak Fishing
One of the small speckled trout we pulled out of the bay.  Galveston Island Kayak Fishing

If anyone is planning a trip to Galveston Island, I definitely recommend packing a kayak to fish the bayside of the park.  It was great being out on the water near sunset when the sky lights up.  We also camped in the state park to maximize our fishing time.  If you’re interested in camping, check out the camping write up here!

Galveston Island Salt Marsh Sunset
Sunset over the bayside salt marsh.  Great kayak fishing trip at Galveston Island State Park!

Any questions or comments?  Be sure to let us know how your Galveston Island kayak fishing trip goes in the comment box below!

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