Door County, Wisconsin

Summer in Door County

We spent some time this past summer working and visiting some family in Door County, Wisconsin.  We have a lot of family that lives there year round so we were able to live up there while working summer jobs.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place and is a popular vacation destination for people throughout the midwest so it gets pretty crowded during the summer.  The peninsula is situated between Green Bay and Lake Michigan.  The crystal clear water is perfect for all kinds of activities including snorkeling, swimming, and fishing.  Limestone cliffs, meadows, swamps, and forests cover a majority of the county.  There is an abundance of parks and trails throughout the county that make it easy to get out and see the natural beauty of the peninsula.  We put together a quick video of some clips we shot this summer.  Here’s the link to the video on Youtube.  You can also watch the video below.


Door County is easily one of the best summer boating areas in the midwest.  The abundance of islands and marina towns to visit will keep a boater busy exploring for the whole season.  There are enough hiking and biking trails to keep you busy all summer.  It’s very common to see deer, sandhill cranes, porcupines, turkey, skunks, and sometimes even coyotes.  The entire peninsula is full of great places for photography as well.  It is definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been before.

We have already published some posts on things to do in Door County and have a bunch more in the works.  You can check out what we’ve already published below.  Be sure to check back for more posts!

Heins Creek Nature Preserve

Shivering Sands Nature Preserve

Toft Point State Natural Area

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