Door Bluff County Park in Door County, Wisconsin

Located just north of Ellison Bay on Door Bluff Park Rd. this hike is great for anyone looking to experience a major Door County bluff in its most natural state. This park is very natural with the only development on the trail being a single bench overlooking Green Bay from the top of the bluff.  The trail follows the ridge of Door Bluff and has a number of great views peeping through the trees. There are even several offshoots along the bluff trail that lead to some phenomenal secret spots. My favorite of these secret spots is a small alcove cut into the face of the bluff just large enough for three people to sit in. If heights aren’t your thing then no problem, simply take a right turn at the start of the trail. This will lead you down a short walk to a rocky beach at the base of the Door Bluff. The beach is never crowded and backs right up into the bluff.

Directions to Door Bluff county Park can be found here.


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