Best Northern Snakehead Lures 2017

Fishing for Northern Snakehead has quickly become one of the hottest fishing topics on the East Coast.  They put up a good fight, can reach incredible sizes, and (in my opinion) are the best tasting freshwater sport-fish. I’m going to go over the best snakehead lures on the market for catching snakehead.  As we’ve covered before (read our snakhead fishing guide HERE), you’ll want to make sure you are using braided fishing line with a weedless lure. If the conditions are right and you’re in a good location then these five lures will give you your best chance at catching a northern snakehead.

Weedless Hollow-body Frog Lure – This is by far the most popular lure for snakehead fishing on the Potomac. These heavy lures allow for a massive casting distance and their weedless design lets you throw them right into the heavy spatterdock where the snakehead dwell.

Snakehead Frog Lures
Snakehead Frog Lures
  1. Buzzbaits – Another topwater lure makes our list because of the consistency with which I’ve seen snakehead go for this lure. When sight fishing for snakehead there isn’t any lure I’d rather throw than a buzzbait.

    Snakehead lure
    Snakehead Buzzbait
  2. Jigs – Jigs make for excellent snakehead lures when thrown in the right spots.  Casting a jig into a smaller tributary channel with open water is the best way to fish for snakehead with a jig. Smaller channel size means the open water won’t be as deep, which in turn means snakehead are more likely to be hanging out there.

    Snakehead Jig Lure
    Snakehead Jig
  3. Chatterbaits – Another lure that excels in open water are chatterbaits. Chatterbaits do a fantastic job of being found by fish thanks to the rattling blade on the front of them. All this extra attention pairs nicely with the murky waters where snakehead are found.

    Snakehead Chatterbait
    Snakehead Chatterbait
  4. Swim Baits – Whether you’re throwing hard or soft swim baits they both make great snakehead lures. Similar to the jigs and chatterbaits, swim baits work best in open waters. For best results use a swim bait that closely resembles the northern snakehead’s most common prey, the banded killifish.

    Snakehead Swimbait Lure
    Snakehead Swimbait


Potomac River Snakehead lures
Fresh snakehead catch using a buzzbait snakehead lure!

As with all fishing lure lists the ranks should be taken with a grain of salt as no two fishing scenarios are ever the same. In some instances your best bet will be to throw a swim bait and in others a buzz bait will do best. So always make sure to assess your situation properly to give yourself the best chance of hooking up with a giant snakehead!  Post a pic of your catch in the comments below!

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